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How to fix banding issue with INKXPRO refillable cartridge kit?
Last Updated: 10/24/2020
Printer doesn't print correctly with refillable cartridges, or one color is not printing at all.

Troubleshooting: Printer is not printing but no ink coming out.
Problem: the printhead has air pockets which stop the ink flow.
Refill the cartridge and shake the cartridge 4-5 times, then reinstall the cartridge back to the printer.
Push the cartridge down a little harder to make sure the cartridge nozzle connected well with the printhead.
use a syringe (no needle) connect to the air vent of the cartridge. Push 1-2 ml air into the cartridge. Hold for 10 seconds, slowly remove the syringe. (this will push ink to printhead and prime the printhead), Wait for half an hour, do a head cleaning, then do a nozzle check.

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