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Cartridges can’t be recognized by printer when I install the system
Last Updated: 04/15/2014
Please try resetting the cartridge first. For the cartridge have the reset button, press the cartridge button to move the cartridge to the changing position, then hold the reset button for 5 seconds, then press the cartridge change button, see if it can be recognized. If can’t, please follow (1) or (2) to resolve the problem.

(1). All cartridges can’t be recognized by printer at the same time. 1. The cartridge has not been push all the way into the printer. For Epson printer, the cartridge with reset button is very hard to push in, if you are the first time user of ciss or previous user of the ciss without reset button, you might feel you already push the cartridge all the way into printer, but it is not. The cartridge with reset button is hard to push all the way in, in the most case, ciss user are afraid to break printer or ciss cartridge, so they are not push hard enough to push down the cartridge or they think it can’t push down any more.

(2). Just only one or a few cartridges are not being recognized by printer, for example, for 6 cartridges printer, there is 1-5 cartridge are not being recognized by printer. Reason: The reason caused it can’t be recognized, it is either chips is defective or the contact between printer and cartridge’s chips is not at the right position. The chips defective rate is very low, it is under 1%. The most possible reason is the contact not very well. Solution: Take the cartridge out and put it back in, make sure using two hands push the cartridge straight down until you hear the snap in noise, which make all cartridges lock into the printer.

(3).Print Heads or Cartridges Not Recognized? (Recommend by Ken, thank you..)
1. Turn off printer for 1 minute
2. Turn printer back on after patiently waiting for 1 full minute
3. After the start up cycle is complete press the ink button
4. After the ink carriage rests unplug the printer form the electrical outlet
5. Remove the ink cartridges as 1 unit by first releasing all the locking tabs
6. Dampen a Micro Fiber Cloth or a soft paper towel with Isopropyl Alcohol ( DO NOT USE RUBBING ALCOHOL)
7. Gently Rub the Gold contacts on both the cartridges and the contacts in the Ink Carriage (Rub Gently and do not Over Saturate)
8. Allow efficient drying time so that no liquid is present
9. Reinsert the ink cartridges
10. Plug the printer back into AC outlet
11. Run a Nozzle Check

For some Epson printer CISS which use battery (CR2032), dead battery will causing cartridge can't be recognized by the printer, you can try to replace the battery. (normally we provide an additional battery in the package)

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