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The printer doesn’t print nor doesn’t printer well after install ciss.
Last Updated: 09/26/2015
(1). The printer doesn’t print anything, or after some printing, it doesn’t print anything.

Reason: Didn’t take off the travel plugs (Air vent plugs which are on the top the ink bottle) off the ink tank and insert the air filter on top of the ink tank. Solution: Please make sure you take the travel plug off the ink tank and insert the air filter on it. Take look the picture below, the air filter insert on the top of the ink, if your ink tank looks different, that doesn't matter, they all need insert the air filter as the picture showed (air filters is in the same bag with the syringe):

(2). The printer doesn’t printer well after install the ciss, and it printing was good before you installed the ciss.

Reason: There is a few reason can cause that problem. First is installation time, when you try installing the system, if you let the cartridge holder at the changing position over 30 mins, the print head might dry out. Or have been you out of ink for long time, if you do, it can cause the print head dry out, there is other reason can cause printer dry out. But don’t worry; we do have the solution for it. Solution: After install the system, just do one time head cleaning from printer> maintenance> head cleaning (don’t do it over 2 times, it will be just waste ink and short printer life and nothing will be improved. After that let the printer sit there over night, and print one nozzle check from printer>maintenance>nozzle check, see if the pattern missing a lot, if it is just missing a little bit, and do another head cleaning and the printing quality will be normal, sometimes it might need in 1-2 days to get back to normal.

(3). The CISS worked fine for a while, but now one or two color will not clean. I have done the clean print heads cycle of many times and still get broken lines when I print a test page.

Reason: the print head might dry out due to cartridges are empty.
A. Remove the cartridges from the printer and Prime the CISS cartridge first.
B. Install the cartridges back to the printer.
C. Raise the ink reservior above the printer for 30 seconds, the gravity will push lot of ink into print head( no more than 60 seconds, might cause leaking), then put it back to original position . Do not print anything, repeat this step after one hour. (you might need to repeat this steps a few more time) , then do a head cleaning.

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