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Q: Will I really save money by refilling my empty cartridges or using a CIS?
A: Absolutely. In fact some cartridges cost more to replace than the printer that uses them.


Q: Are the printing results of a refilled cartridge or CIS different from a new cartridge?
A: Most people can’t tell the difference between the printing from a refilled cartridge or a CIS and a new cartridge because the attributes of the inks we use are carefully matched to those of the original manufacturer. We use archival inks to reduce fading and give you the results you expect. In fact, your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Q: How long will a refilled cartridge or CIS last?
A: Refilled cartridges should last just as long or longer than your original cartridge. New cartridges are often sold as either standard or high yield capacity. Other than the higher price of a high yield cartridge, the only difference between the two is the amount of ink the catridge originally contains. CIS should last you for the life time of your printer since their are no parts that degrade.


Q: How many times can a cartridge or CIS be refilled?
A: With proper care, a cartridge can be successfully refilled several times, however, eventually all cartridges do fail for reasons other than being out of ink. CIS should never fail you and last you for as long as you own your printer.


Q: How does refilling help the environment?
A: Inkjet cartridges are made of plastics which use approximately 2.5 ounces of oil for each new cartridge manufactured. We can refill the cartridges reducing landfill waste and the amount of new resources required to manufacture new cartridges.


Q: Aren’t cartridge recycling programs better for the environment?
A: Having your cartridge refilled means that the life of each cartridge can be extended by using it multiple times.


Q: Do I have to cut or modify my printer in any way in order to install a CIS or refill my cartridges?
A: if you just install the refill your cartridges, you don't need to modify your printer. you might need to modify the printer if you install ciss.


Q: Are your products guaranteed?
A: Yes! We offer 6 months total-satisfaction guarantee. If you cannot successfully refill your cartridge at least once or if you beleive it is a bad batch we will give you a full refund.


Q: Is there any sacrifice in print quality?
A :There should be no sacrifice in print quality. The inks are chemically identical. They are premium grade inks. If anything you will notice the colors are a little more vibrant.


Q: Do I need to be technically gifted to refill my cartridge or install a CIS?
A: Of course not! It really isn't that difficult. It is a different system than you are used to (popping in a very expensive cartridge), but you will get the hang of it. All you have to be able to do is 1. Read 2. Follow directions 3. Have motor function in your hands!


Q: Is it difficult, and how much time will it take me to refill my cartridge or install a CIS?
A: It is not difficult at all. It is a simple process that once you get the hang of seems ridiculously easy. Typically it takes 20 to 40 minutes the first time you do it. When you do the process a couple times it will usually only takes a few minutes after that. It saves you a trip to the store to buy a new cartridge, and can actually be quite satisfying, knowing you are saving so much money!


Q: What is the shelf life of the ink when it is in the ink bottle or CIS reservoir? 
A: The recommended shelf life for best performance is 2 years which is plenty of time even if you don't use your printer very often.


Q: Who is your target market for your products?
A: Professional photographers, graphic design studios, architecture firms, cd printers, brochure printers, label printers and home users that enjoy creating high quality prints that resist fading and look their best.


Q: What is the difference between cheap inks and the inks you use?  Do the high quality inks differ much?
A: The difference between cheap inks and archival inks made is cheap inks are filtered to a higher particle size that will clog your print head after the first 500 prints and will result in horizontal lines going through your images and text that you cannot get rid of without replacing the print head. These cheap inks have a high alcohol base that will fade in months. Archival ink is nano micron filtered to 0.2um like original ink and does what other third party inks don't. Pictures fade when they're exposed to light, air pollution, moisture, and heat. Archival ink shields your pictures from these picture-unfriendly factors so your prints will last over for years years even when they're displayed at home unprotected. We take into account all the known factors that affect print life and quality.

Q: What factors make the inks specific to certain brands and models? 
A: Most companies on the internet and retail sell universal inks. Archival ink is printer specific ink. The difference between universal ink and specific ink is that each printer make/model uses different color "tints" and viscosities. Some people that own multiple printers and do not print many photographs use universal ink that can effect the life of your print head and fade within months. The science behind the stunning results, what you get is color that stays vivid and vibrant for years. But what goes into the longest-lasting archival ink? We start with our industry-acclaimed dye colorants/surfactants as the base. Then we add a proprietary humectant/fixative that controls smudging, speeds dry time, and increases ozone fade resistance.


Q: One of my colored inks runs out before the others, how can I stop wasting the other Inks?
A: You might notice that one of your color chambers, in a three chamber color cartridge, usually runs out before the others. The great thing about refilling your own cartridges is that you no longer have to waste the other inks. Simply refill the empty chamber and top off the others!


Q: How long will it take for your products to get to me?
A: USPS Priority shipping takes 3-4 days to deliver in USA. Faster shipping (USPS Express) is available to deliver overnight. USPS First Class International shipping usually takes 7 days to Canada, 14 days to Europe, and up to 21 days to the rest of the world. Faster shipping (USPS Priority or Express International) is available to cut the time in half or more. Our processing is 1 business day and all orders are shipped from Queens NY.


Q: Is ordering over the internet safe?
A: All credit card transactions are encrypted, we do not store your credit card on file for your security. We also accept PayPal Payments, Amazon Payments, and Google Checkout. If you still have reservations and want to order the conventional way you can select money order at checkout and send a money order along with your order details.


Q: Why do business with us?
A: All we can say is that we have sold thousands of refill kits and continuous ink systems and have thousands of glowing reports from our customers. In the rare occasion someone is dissatisfied within the first year - they get a refund! We use premium grade inks, we have the lowest prices on archival inks - our instructions are clear and concise and of course there is our tech support to help you with any question you may have. There are other refill companies on the net, but you will be glad you chose us to deal with!


Q: What is the difference between your CIS and cheap knock-offs?
A: Take a look at the 10 main differences below:

1) Knock-offs include poorly translated english instructions with non-specific installation procedures and tiny pictures that don't make any sense. Our continuous ink system includes a detailed easy to follow user's guide, large installation pictures and an extremely knowledgeable customer support team.


2) Knock-offs use cheap inks that have heavy water and solvent mixtures that are guaranteed to clog the print heads, fade fast, and cause irreversible damage to your printer. Archival inks are finely filtered to 0.2 microns. This is the same grade as the original ink that came with your printer.


3) Knock-offs have a one piece non-replaceable ink chamber design that is sealed together with glue causing ink to erode over time. Our system features a multi-piece, user-replaceable ink chamber design with no glue inside of the ink chambers. Over time our system will still perform like new and your ink will always be protected.


4) Knock-offs had no research and development teams or testing designed to simulate usage or fade testing. Using a unique blend of additives to "fix" the dyes, archival ink scientists have engineered a significant leap in longevity and color reproduction with the introduction of our archival ink technology that locks ink molecules into the photo paper's layer, protecting your picture from fading factors.


5) Knock-offs include no money back guarantee, no warranty, no shipment insurance, and charge you 'restocking fees' to ship it back. Our system is so robust, easy to use, and high quality that it comes with our 365 day total-satisfaction guarantee and a 1 year platinum warranty for no extra charge


6) Knock-offs use spring loader in cartridge that will leak ink at the bottom of the cartridge, causing damage to the printer. Our system uses an ink retention system equivalent to the original cartridge.


7) Knock-offs use PVC tubing leading to clogging and poor ink flow in colder weather conditions. Our system uses silicone tubing that always achieves 100% ink flow in all conditions and protects the ink.


8) Knock-offs use full frame sponged cartridges that are not intended for use in a CIS which results in reduced ink flow, jammed print heads, pinched tubing, sponge decay, and leak after long term use. Our system contains high quality small frame sponge-less cartridges specifically intended for use in a CIS, resulting in a high quality system that you can use for a lifetime that will not deteriorate and will not jam your print head!


9) Knock-offs face the "jamming syndrome", where the print head will jam with the tubing bracket inside the printer and not allow the printer cover to close properly. Our system features a tubing bracket arm with the correct dimensions to not interfere with your printers operation in any way.


10) Knock-offs claim to be plug-and-play ready but do not mention that you need to fill up the knock-off with ink and rip off the chip from your original cartridges with a knife and krazy glue them into the knock-off. Our system is really plug-and-play ready. It is pre-filled with archival ink and features built-in auto-reset-chips that reset your ink level to full. You will be printing your favorite photographs within 5 minutes!